Self-aligning Bearings

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Self-aligning Bearings


XIAMEN GOLDENBRIDGE IMP.&EXP. CO,LTD self-aligning bearingThe self-aligning bearing has two rows of balls and a common concave spherical raceway in the outer ring. The bearing is consequently self-aligning and insensitive to angular misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing. It is particularly suitable for applications where considerable shaft deflections or misalignment are to be expected. Additionally, the self-aligning ball bearing has the lowest friction of all rolling bearings, which enables it to run cooler even at high speeds.Material: Chrome steel,Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,GCR15Applications:Drive ShaftsConveyersRoll ShaftsSpinning machinesMiningSelf-aligning bearing(1)Bearing no.12series1203K 111203 17x40x12 0.071204K 111204 1204K 1204SK 1204K 1204EK 20x47x14 0.1071205K 111205 1205K 1205SK 1205K 1205EK 25x52x15 0.1441206K 111206 1206K 1206SK 1206K 1206EK 30x62x16 0.2221207K 111207 1207K 1207SK 1207K 1207EK 35x72x17 0.3121208K 111208 1208K 1208SK 1208K 1208EK 40x80x18 0.4111209K 111209 1209K 1209SK 1209K 1209EK 45x85x19 0.461210K 111210 1210K 1210SK 1210K 1210EK 50x90x20 0.53522series2203K 111503 17x40x16 02204K 111504 2204K 2204SK 20x47x18 0.1492205K 111505 2205K 2205SK 2205K 2205EK 25x52x18 0.162206K 111506 2206K 2206SK 2206K 2206EK 30x62x20 0.2542207K 111507 2207K 2207SK 2207K 2207EK 35x72x23 0.42208K 111508 2208K 2208SK 2208K 2208EK 40x80x23 0.5192209K 111509 2209K 2209SK 2209K 2209EK 45x85x23 0.552210K 111510 2210K 2210SK 2210K 2210EK 50x90x23 0.62211K 111511 2211K 2211SK 2211K 2211EK 55x100x25 0.822212K 111512 2212K 2212SK 2212K 2212EK 60x110x28 1.092213K 111513 2213K 2213SK 2213K 2213EK 65x120x31 1.462214K 111514 2214SK 70x125x31 1.522215K 111515 2215K 2215SK 2215K 2215K 75x130x31 1.622216K 111516 2216K 2216SK 2216K 2216EK 80x140x33 22217K 111517 2217K 2217SK 2217K 2217K 85x150x36 2.482218K 111518 2218K 2218SK 2218K 2218K 90x160x40 3.172219K 111519 2219K 2219SK 2219K 2219K 95x170x43 4.22221K 111521 2221SK 2221K 105X190X5013series1303K 111303 17x47x14 01304K 111304 1304K 1304SK 1304EK 20x52x15 0.1711305K 111305 1305K 1305SK 1305K 1305EK 25x62x17 0.2581306K 111306 1306K 1306SK 1306K 1306EK 30x72x19 0.3831307K 111307 1307K 1307SK 1307K 1307EK 35x80x21 0.5291308K 111308 1308K 1308SK 1308K 1308EK 40x90x23 0.6961309K 111309 1309K 1309SK 1309K 1309EK 45x100x25 0.9471310K 111310 1310K 1310SK 1310K 1310EK 50x110x27 1.1923series2303K 111603 17x47x19 0.2192304K 111604 2304K 2304SK 20x52x21 0.212305K 111605 2305K 2305SK 2305K 2305K 25x62x24 0.352306K 111606 2306K 2306SK 2306K 2306K 30x72x27 0.52307K 111607 2307K 2307SK 2307K 2307EK 35x80x31 0.52308K 111608 2308K 2308SK 2308K 2308EK 40x90x33 0.942309K 111609 2309K 2309SK 2309K 2309EK 45x100x36 1.232310K 111610 2310K 2310SK 2310K 2310K 50x110x40 1.652311K 111611 2311K 2311SK 2311K 2311K 55x120x43 2.052312K 111612 2312K 2312SK 2312K 2312K 60x130x46 2.432313K 111613 2313K 2313SK 2313K 2313K 65x140x48 3.212314K 111614 2314SK 70x150x51 4.32315K 111615 2315K 2315SK 2315K 2315K 75x160x55 4.632316K 111616 2316K 2316SK 2316K 2316K 80x170x58 5.552317K 111617 2317K 2317SK 2317K 2317K 85x180x60 6.562318K 111618 2318K 2318SK 2318K 2318K 90x190x64 7.82319K 111619 2319K 2319SK 2319K 2319K 95x200x67 9.162320K 111620 2320K 2320SK 2320K 2320K 100x215x80 12.3

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