Buy the Energy-Efficient 8ft LED Integrated Tubes.

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Buy the Energy-Efficient 8ft LED Integrated Tubes.


Today LED Integrated tubes are used at the majority of the places due to their unlimited benefits over the normal halogen tubes. By using these Integrated tubes against the normal tubes, you can make a savings of almost 90% in your monthly electricity bills.
Beneath are some of the advantages of using 8ft LED Integrated tubes at your commercial or residential places:
• The V-shaped t8 8ft LED Integrated tubes are specially manufactured to reduce the overall operational cost, in fact, you can save 90 percent of your hard earned money which otherwise was getting wasted in paying the higher electricity prices.
• The lumen output is 7200 with high intensity of light of 134 lumens per watt with the color temperature of 6500K.
• You can use these lights for covering a bigger and a larger space due to its wide beam angle of 270 degree.
• The 8ft LED Integrated tubes emits glow for almost 50,000 hours, with a very insignificant amount of lumen depreciation till the end of lifespan.
Today the LED Integrated tubes are the perfect solution to the various lighting requirements and its beneficiary to replace the fluorescent tubes with these eco-friendly Integrated tubes and save money and power significantly.

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